March 31, 2020
abc wellcare review

ABC Wellcare Review


Hey guys Sam here, 

Today I am going to discuss a new product base concept ABC WellCare. The company is running from Gujarat, India and it’s been in the market for 4 months.

And it’s quite popular between the Leaders because of the great products and the income opportunity from the compensation plan it comes with.

In return, there is a lot of a positive response from the market for ABC Wellcare and a lot of leaders are hitting me up with this plan and here is my final review on the ABC WellCare. Whether you should JOIN it or AVOID it!!!


ABC Wellcare offers a great range of products to choose from.

There is a variety of food supplements different kind of oils and enzyme tablets various ointments and pastes.

abc wellcare review

abc wellcare review

There are many good testimonials and positive reviews for the products of ABC welfare but the thing which is exciting most of the leaders is the income opportunity.


There are 3 types of packages in ABC Wellcare –

abc wellcare review


There are 7 types of incomes –

abc wellcare review

Matching Bonus – It will depend on the level you are at i.e. STAR – 250 INR, EMERALD – 500 INR, CROWN-1000 INR

abc wellcare review

100% Direct Sponsor Income – You will get 100% of your direct member’s binary

Team Bonus –

abc wellcare review

Rewards & Bonanza –

abc wellcare review

Family Security Fund – You will be given a family security fund which you can use at the low times of your life.

Re-purchase Income 

Franchise Income


Just click on the button below and fill out the required details and voila you will get registered on the platform.

And for activation, you can WhatsApp on +91-9817770952

abc wellcare review


According to me ABC Wellcare is a great product base plan with a very good income opportunity and I am looking forward to working in this plan because of various reasons like the starting package is is very low price and almost anyone can join this and the withdrawal procedure is also great the products are really awesome and company profile is also very  impressive. 

I hope you like my review on ABC WellCare see you guys in the next blog.

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