December 11, 2019
erd eldorado token review

ERD (Eldorado) TOKEN Review!!! Legit or SCAM?

ERD Eldorado Token Review

Hey Guys, 2019 has been a great year so far many investment companies started and some of them or

to be honest most of them collapsed, which results in high losses to investors and leaders.

In between all this fuzz, a company named ERD(Eldorado) Token started in mid-2k19 And ERD Token has a completely different compensation plan and Great thing it is still growing every day,

I am writing this blog in mid-November because I notice a lot of people work in it and some of my friends make here big money, even up to 1 lakh/day so I decided to write a quick review here.

so here…


What Is This ERD or Eldorado Token?

ERD token is a decentralized and open-source cross-platform cryptocurrency according to leaders, i personally not check yet.

Designed to facilitate the exchange of information between blockchains and non-blockchain networks.

A highly secure network, featuring quantum-resistant signature technology.

How To Trade Eldorado Token?

ERD Tokens are non-minable self multiplicable tokens made with Virtual machine and Data layer technology.

erd eldorado token review

ERD tokens are made fit for modern solutions of cryptocurrency and also ready to withstand the future Challenges.

How ERD Token System Works?

It’s a super simple 4 Step Process –

erd eldorado token review

  1. Download the ERD token Wallet and Register and Verify your account.
  2. Buy a package ( ERD Tokens ) fit for your needs with BTC / ETH.
  3. Hold your ERD tokens in the wallet and Enjoy 0.6 % daily for 1 Year.
  4. Exchange tokens for BTC or ETH.

Investment Packages –

so here we are going to discuss about it how to invest here and can make money.

Starter Package: 25$ (DAily 0.18% Monthly Return till 12 Month

 Packages 
1 The level opens — 25 $
3 The level opens — 100$
10 The level opens — 250$
16 The level opens -750$
25 The level opens — 3000$
✅No Holiday
✅Level 1–3%
✅Level 2–2%
✅Level 3–1%
✅Level 4 to 10–0.5%
✅Level 11 to 16–0.25%
✅Level 17 to 25–0.20%

How to withdrawal ERD

E͢R͢D͢ C͢o͢n͢v͢e͢rt͢ t͢o͢ B͢T͢C͢
E͢R͢D͢ C͢o͢n͢v͢e͢rt͢ t͢o͢ U͢S͢D͢
E͢R͢D͢ C͢o͢n͢v͢e͢rt͢ t͢o͢ I͢N͢R͢ d͢i͢re͢c͢t͢ b͢a͢n͢k͢ a͢c͢c͢o͢u͢n͢t͢

U͢s͢e͢ a͢l͢l͢ R͢e͢c͢h͢a͢rg͢e͢ & b͢i͢l͢l͢ p͢a͢y͢m͢e͢n͢t͢ b͢y͢ E͢R͢D͢
U͢s͢e͢ a͢l͢l͢ s͢o͢p͢p͢i͢n͢g͢ b͢y͢ E͢R͢D͢

Convert ERD Tokens To BTC Or USD

Withdrawal Minimum 15 $ Daily Any Time

Listed on Exchanges


ERD token can use in daily services?

Yes, according to leaders of erd you can use this token for services like (Mobile recharge, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, etc.)
With this token, you can shop anywhere. (Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazar, Big Basket Urban ladder, Myntra, Croma, Hyper City, Book my show, PVR Cinema, Allen Solly, Arrow, Bata Fastrack, etc.)

These things are available from the first day

1⃣ Recharge success! by ERD TOKEN
2⃣ Convert success! ERD TO BTC…
3⃣ Convert success! ERD TO USD
4⃣ Withdraw success! Bank Account*

C͢u͢rre͢n͢t͢ p͢ri͢c͢e͢ $0.01791= ₹ 1.25 I͢N͢R͢
👇 J͢o͢i͢n͢i͢n͢g͢ l͢i͢n͢k͢ 👇

erd token review






Login the site👇👇

Token site

Utility & services site

Joining link – Call me

Terms & Conditions –

1. ROI and Level Income will be credited in the form of ERD token
2. ERD token can be used to Hold in ERD wallet or Withdraw in BTC form
3. Withdrawal limit: Min 15$ and Max – Unlimted & Anytime
4. Token Price will be Decided by the Internal Nodes generation volume.


Click HERE & Fill Out the form provided on the next page.

erd eldorado token review

My Honest ERD Eldorado Token Review – 

i hope you understand this whole plan, now its time to read my honest review about  ERD Tokens, you know well i am not your finical advisor, or not this company CEO so i can’t say you to invest in it, but if you are already convinced or agree with it then you can start it with a small amount like 25$ Because it not a big deal. i am seeing since 3 months they are paying regularly and growing every day.




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